Hakahana Namibia Adventure Safaris cc is a Tour and Safari Operator in Namibia, Africa. We specialize in different tours and safaris, in creating a pleasant and memorable journey – a unique holiday of a lifetime, through the vast vistas of Namibia, the land of contrasts; catering for independent and leisure travelers as well as for small groups. We also tailor-make custom tours and safaris; to suit your specific needs in terms of duration of your trip, budget, specific type of accommodation, activities and the destinations.

From our extensive portfolio of tours and safaris you can select, mix and match and create your own idea of a tour through Namibia; and we will gladly assist you with planning the final itinerary – keeping the best options in mind, and booking the whole package for you at a discounted price.

We also try to involve as much conservation as possible in contributing and making aware, to see and visit the richness of the various ecosystems within this beautiful country.

Traveling is an adventure: Whether you are on an unusual journey, with exciting experiences or happening to catch a moment within a series of events on your journey; the adventure behind traveling is the excitement and willingness to try new ideas; to experience something beyond your expectations.

Our motto: With a dedication of sharing, caring and working together, to build boundless opportunities…

• FIT & small Group Tours
• Guided – and Guided Selfdrive tours as well as Self-drive Safaris
• Tour Consulting and Travel Advice (English + Deutsch (German), Afrikaans)


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